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Our consulting and implementation services are focused on creating competitive advantage by determining the appropriate implementation strategies to maximize benefits using a low cost and low risk model. With a team of senior managers and SAP product and industry process experts, we can show you the way forward for a disciplined and successful implementation and rollouts. We take a holistic approach of looking at your people, processes, and technology to deliver maximum value addition.

We follow SAP Activate methodology that expedites SAP S/4HANA implementations throughout the customer lifecycle.

With our deep treasury expertise we are well positioned for implementation of Treasury and Risk Management and cash Management.

SAP treasury and risk management solution provides complete solution for managing fixed deposits, loans, foreign exchange, options, Letter of Credits, Bank Guarantees and limit management. We use treasury functionality to provide solutions to requirements like insurance details maintenance and expense amortization.

Cash Management helps in effective management of capital with cash position and liquidity forecast report.

Key Highlights:
  • Cash position
  • Liquidity Forecast of receivable and payables
  • Liquidity Forecast of commitment items
  • Manual planning for overhead and tax
  • Working capital report
  • Loans & Investments management
  • Loans & Investments management
  • Maintenance of LC and BG
  • Forex
  • Limit Management
  • Posting integration to Financial Accounting
  • Posting of accrual and deferral


  • Effective management of capital with cash position and liquidity forecast reports
  • Streamlining of payment and collection process
  • Get repayment schedule for loan installment payment
  • Maintain the LC with presentation details
  • Notification for expiry of LC and BG
  • Posting automation to SAP Financial Accounting
  • Automatic posting of accrual and deferral

We undertake implementation or re-implementation for controlling module. Controlling module is used for management accounting.

Key highlights
  • Reorganization of cost collection and allocation process
  • Costing for all types of manufacturing scenarios
  • Actualization of costs
  • Setting up of WIP or result analysis process
  • Integration with other modules like PP, PS and PM
  • Controlling Profitability Analysis
  • Proper cost collection and allocation help in getting KPI reports
  • With the actualization process get the actual price of activities and actual cost of production vs. plan activity price and cost.
  • Analysis of variance from standard costs reflects the level of efficiency in the production process
  • Effective costing process with integration with PM, PP, and PS
  • Get profitability reports with COPA
  • Get management accounting reports
Key highlights
  • Implementation of investment/capital budgeting.
  • Implementation of OPEX budgeting
  • Closing Cockpit implementation
  • Automatic payment program
  • Electronic bank reconciliation
  • Enhancement for depreciation report as per Indian Income Tax Act
  • Regrouping of customer/vendor accounts for account closure
  • Report of Ratio Analysis
  • Implementation of process of revaluation of assets
  • Budget check for all Expenditures for individual responsibility areas and capital expenditure
  • Achieve transperent and quick financial close with closing cockpit
  • Increase efficiency with our automatic payment solution
  • Electronic bank reconciliation will reduce manual effort and helps in fast closure
  • Get depreciation report as per Indian Income Tax Act
  • The financial statements are available from system after regrouping and manual adjustments avoided
  • Report on ratio analysis provides greater insight to management

Our consulting services include value management and SAP System Audit, Solution Architect Service, and MIS services

Key highlights
  • Advisory Services on IT Roadmap
  • Overall management of SAP organization
  • SAP Project evaluation and monitoring
  • Advisory services for new business processes
  • Review of system configuration changes and FS for development
  • Documentation Management
  • Overview of issue management
  • Advisory Services on IT Roadmap
  • An objective study to evaluate the value derived from System
  • Identifying functionalities not used
  • Evaluating internal controls
  • Identifying GAPs and suggestions for addressing GAPs
  • Identifying KPIs for reporting
  • Preparing graphical reports on cost analysis, Profitability, and other KPIs
  • Periodical reporting as per requirement
  • Get practical solutions with the existing IT investments
  • Reduce dependence on IT services provider
  • Reduce project risks
  • Get an expert opinion on new processes and process re-engineering
  • Strengthening of internal control
  • Business process re-engineering to simplify processes
Key highlights
  • Unlimited Support for Existing Processes
  • Configuration Changes for Statutory Requirements
  • New Requirements and Processes
  • Training and Hand-holding
  • Cost effective support mechanism
  • Expert guidance in support

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